? currently ...
Reading: `Chosen' based on the screen play by Joss Whedon
Listening: Nothing
Watching: Angel season two, `Darla'
Craving: Goldfish
Wishing: Lindsay was home
Thinking: When am I ever going to get done with this layout?
Talking to: No one.

? i'm such a geek ...
Name Dizzy
Age 15
DoB Dec 15th
Show Buffy
Colour Teal & black
Desktop Sarah Michelle Gellar
Character Anya

? upon walking ...
Education WPACCS
Year Ninth
Familiar Kitty
Uniform Pajamas
iRL Friends Kayla, Chrissy, Lana

? i just love ...
x Slash
x Buffy
x Dreaming
x Sleeping
x Sex
x Pirates
x Lindsay
x Megan
x Animation shop

? go away ...
x Homophobes
x Christians
x Children
x Family
x Reality
x Cockroaches
x Driving

? agenda
January ...
01 New Years
07 Full Moon
27 Megans Birthday

February ...
02 Groundhog day
10 Angel Season Three is released
14 Valentines Day

? version
Viewed best on 1024 x 768. Features pictures from Hells Bells, and quotes from Selfless. Progams used were Paint, Paint Shop Pro, and Animation Shop. The only fonts used were Scribble & Redensek. Light teals & slow blinkies supposed to captivate Anya's depression after Xander left her. Don't steal anything -- just comment and I'll make you a layout myself ...

Friends Only [27 Jan 2004|10:01pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

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♥ I make layouts for free, for friends. Ask first, and tip with cookies.

♥ I'm not a comment ho, but I'll leave messages once in a while.

♥ It's harder to get on my bad side than my good side. Ok, that's a lie ...

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